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For as long as I can remember,
I knew that I was destined for a
creative future.
My mom always told me that I could be
whatever I wanted to be as long as I worked
hard & followed my dreams (thanks, mom!). It was that
encouragement that led me to art school at SCAD,
where I studied fashion design and had my eyes opened
to the amazing world of textile design for the first time.

After years of working my way around the fashion industry
in San Francisco, I still couldn't shake my love for
textiles & the world of surface design.
Remembering my mom's inspiring words, I took a leap &
Hang Tight Studio was born.

It's been an amazing ride so far & I feel lucky
every day I wake up... realizing I get to draw & create.
My lime green studio is filled with wee little things
that make me smile... along with two kitties & my sweet
Sussex spaniel Emma Jean.

When I'm not working, odds are, you'll find me scouring
flea markets, watching movies or going for an impromptu
drive to wherever the road ends up taking me.

me and mom
My mom and I hamming it up
in Lake Como, Italy!